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About Us


World has various languages and cultures and most of the new age languages/cultures can be traced back to a handful of originators.Among these, the Indian and Latin are the oldest ones.

Jinactus( Jina+Actus) is a combination of 2 words from 2 different languages and cultures. Jina is another name for Lord Vishnu, the Hindu god for Life, Growth and Prosperity. Actus is a Latin word for driving / doing / deed. Jinactus thus stands for doing deeds / actions which result in Growth and Prosperity for Customers, Partners and ours. This is the core of all the services that we offer.

Our team of experienced professionals has successfully worked and delivered in various geographies like India, Singapore, Japan, USA, Europe,Australia and Middle East. We have experience in various industry verticals like Retail including e-commerce, BFSI, Technology, Telecom, Healthcare. IOT, Big Data analytics and Business Data Analytics are some of the horizontals where we have proven success. We have also successfully represented some very interesting software products and services companies especially for Indian market entry.

The company is Headquartered in NOIDA, India

Jinactus has been successful in launching some of the international software products in India and some Indian software services companies in international market.

Corporate Leadership

Chetan Kohli

CEO & Founder

Harpreet Singh

Director - Sales

Shilpi Pathak

AVP - Data Analytics

Ginni Mehta

Manager - Sales & GIS